Second Shooting

Looking for a second shooter for an upcoming wedding? I am available for second shooting in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. I am very comfortable in low light situations and am well-versed in off-camera flash, as well as shooting in natural light.  I am very comfortable working with the men alone for prep. I am happy to do all the detail shots and help with cocktail hour or family and bridal party. I have a more candid style, but am also great at helping with posing if needed. I enjoy assisting with family pictures to ensure we get them done easily and as fast as possible.



I bring the same gear to my second shooting jobs as I do to my own weddings, including two full frame bodies, both with dual card slots. I am happy to shoot on two of your cards, or one of mine and one of yours.

2 x Nikon d750
1 x Nikon d780


With a solid mix of prime lenses and zoom lenses, I will be ready to capture whatever happens, whenever it happens!

35 1.4mm
50 1.8mm
85 1.8 mm
60 macro 1.8mm
24-70 2.8mm
70-200 2.8 mm


No matter the lighting situation, I'll be ready with my off camera flash set-up. I can either set up my own lights or use a trigger to work with yours.

4 x Godox speedlights
Alien Bee studio lighting + portable battery if needed


I am based in Rhode Island but love to travel. I second shoot weddings in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Second + Associate Shooting Inquiry

If you're looking for a reliable, talented, upbeat and dependable second shooter, I'd love to chat with you.

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